End of Watch: Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine 1999-2020

I’ve loved working in print since my first illustration was published in a local paper close to 40 years ago; what can i say, I was pretty young at the time.

Gene Ching ~ musings & publications

What a sad way to go. In the Kung Fu movies, people die heroically, fighting off hordes of Manchus or Triad gangs, in a glorious sanguineous splatter splash. But Kung Fu Tai Chi died because the world got sick.

The demise of Kung Fu Tai Chi had been coming for over a decade. Print magazine publishing, especially for niche mags like ours, is a dying art. Now, it is completely dead to me. I’ve been involved with print publishing since I was a teenager. But even twenty years ago, soon after I began publishing full-time for a living, I could already see that the end was inevitable. I began saying ‘print publishing is like making dinosaur saddles.’ In the world of social media and smart phones, the harsh reality is that publishing a print magazine sits well within my arsenal of obsolete skills, right up there with knowing how to…

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